Florence Goldberg

Florence Goldberg was born on April 4, 1916 in Taunton on Mason Street to Charles and Celia Tanenbaum and soon moved with her Brother Joseph, to 28 Pine Street. Charles made the highest bid to have the honor of laying the corner stone for the new synagogue In Taunton’ he definitely made the highest bid of $98. Charles had a fruit and vegetable peddling business and Florence, also called Feygie by her family, help by cleaning the barn for the horse and whatever else was needed. She did well in school and earned an award for outstanding penmanship which she always had. She also had a younger sister Elaine. She went to Taunton high school and then to bookkeeping school. She ended up working as a book keeper at the SunFlower Market which she really enjoyed and used to tell us stories about the customers and co workers.

She would also go to dances with her friends, Beatrice Grunberg and Blanche Sheinick, often to Providence or during the war to the army base with the soldiers. She went frequently to New York to visit her many uncles and aunts particularly, Harry and Fanny, who lived in Brooklyn and owned Tanenbaums dairy store, which was started by her father parents. She told us about taking the boat to and from New York from Providence and sitting on the boat with her father eating roast duck her grandmother had made and throwing the bones overboard. She treasured her trips to her relatives in new York.

IN 1948 she met and married Ben Goldberg and moved to Brockton where they operated Ben’s Variety store selling groceries and gas, a 7 day a week job.

She taught herself to cook and cook well mostly traditional jewish food. In 1952 she had her first son , Leonard and in 1958 her second, Gordon, A more devoted caring mother there could not be any greater. She taught us, took us many places, to music lessons, Hebrew school, hockey practice and the theater and many more places. Where ever we wanted to go she would take us, a true devoted jewish mother.

She adored the beach and we would go to HorseNeck many times a year, especially off season, she would love to sit and just look at the ocean or walk along the beach and collect shells for her beautiful garden. The ocean thrilled her. We would stop at the corn stand in the summer.

On Sundays she would take us to Taunton by bus or by car, she taught herself to drive and got a valiant and then a Nova, every week to visit her parents, her brother joe and his wife, Irene, and her 7 nieces and nephews from Her brother, Joe: Barbara, Shelia, Lucy, Jeff, Laurie , Marilyn and Stephen.

In 1970 she became a young widow and ran the store all by her self, and raised her two sons alone. The local kids gave her a plaque that said ” To Flo a nice lady in gratitude the kids”. She was adored. She was extraordinary. Sending them to college and doing what ever she could. Finally after the blizzard of 78 she semi retired, having some partime work at the Don Davies senior center as the secretary and a bank during tax season. She did some travel to the catskills and was active in many senior centers, and loved to Play wisk. We went on a trip to California to big sur that was wonderful. And a cruise of the carribean.

She was brilliant and til the very end could talk about anything. She was sharp and so loving and sweet.

Gordon took her on many day trips to the ocean and to restaurants, she was so happy doing the simple delightful pleasures in life and she loved sitting by the ocean having something to eat. She loved her sweet and chocolates. She had a lox and bagel every day for breakfast. She knew quality but was not pretentious, a truly good kind person.

Was the joy and treasure of her two sons. The perfect most wonderful mother that could ever be.


  1. Roger Carter
    Feb 21, 2014

    What a wonderful life story of a truly remarkable woman. My condolences for your loss.

  2. Shelley Pollero
    Feb 21, 2014

    I am deeply saddened by Florence’s passing. She was my mother’s first cousin on the Tanenbaum side of the family whom I first met 25 years ago. I was fortunate to have seen her again this past August in Brockton, having had the great pleasure in visiting her, Len, and Gordon at her home. We had a delightful lunch and visit, sharing family stories and photos. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to see her again. My mom, Frenchy Kellerman, had been fond of Florence during their early years; their fathers, Charllie and Dave, were brothers. Frenchy passed away in Dec 2012. Although we/they lived at a distance and weren’t often in contact, we will miss Florence!

  3. Julie Oh
    Feb 21, 2014

    What a beautiful memoriam. Condolences and best wishes to you!

  4. Joe Rindone
    Feb 21, 2014

    My sincere condolences to Lenny and Gordie. I will never forget
    your Mother or Father. I will always remember the
    Lewiston St. neighborhood.

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