Lighting The Memorial Candle

(Rabbi, member of family, or friend)

The light of life is a finite flame. Like the Sabbath candles, life is kindles. It burns, it glows, it radiates warmth and beauty, but then it fades and is no more.

Yet we must not despair. We are more than a memory vanishing in the darkness. With our lives we give life. Something of us can never die; we move in the eternal cycle of darkness and death, of light and life.

The memorial light we now kindle is a sign of this truth. As it burns pure and bright, so may the memory of our dear _______________ brighten and purify our lives.

יי רנ םדא תמשנ, “The human spirit is the light of Adonai, the Eternal.”

! דחא יי , וניהלא יי :לארשי עמש
Hear, O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is One.