At A Child’s Grave

Sweetly slumbering the darling of my heart rests here–my dear, early departed child, peace unto (his-her) soul! God of grace and mercy! Forgive the depressed heart of a mother trembling in unutterable woe! Alas! the blossom that death broke off was my happiness, and the life which was extinguished at thy command, filled my heart with cheering hopes. By the side of my darling child, taken away so soon, I hoped to enjoy the delight of existence in double measure, to endure more easily all sufferings, and to look towards my end with fear and trembling, for I hope that (his-her) hand would close my eyes. But thy thoughts, O Thou art our loving father when thou blessest me my beloved child, Thou hast taken (him-her) away. Thy name be praised! Yea, even from the depth of my grief I worship thee with reverence. Whatever Thou dost is well done, Thou are our loving father when thou blessest and Thou chastisest, when Thou grantest life and when Thou takest away, when Thou sendest death. Thou woundest, bindest up again. Thou strikest, and Thy hand healeth again. Therefore, I pray unto Thee, Eternal God! Fill Thou my saddened heart with consolation. Strengthen my confidence in Thine all-just ordinations, preserve me in obedience to Thy holy will. Forgive my sins, O Lord! And deliver me from evil. Let the spirit of my child enjoy fullness of joy in Thy glorious habitation of peace, open unto it the source of truth and light, and let it ascend higher and higher in its everlasting salvation. Amen.