At A Brother’s or Sister’s Grave

May peace be thine, dear friend of my youth! What gentle memories and bitter regrets cluster around this tomb. Alas! death claimed thee too soon, and removed thee early from those who loved thee. What grief! To think that we, whom one roof sheltered, one mother nourished, the same hearts cherished and the same hands blessed, are forever separated! We were so happy together; thy friendship was so sweet a support. Alas! thy departure has turned our joy into mourning. Nothing on earth is lasting. I grieve in my selfishness at having lost thee; but thou art happy near our Heavenly Father; and this thought will inspire me with courage and resignation, as likewise the glorious hope of meeting thee again in a better world, where eternal joy awaits the righteous.

O my God! Grant unto my brother’s (sister’s) soul the happiness of the righteous; grant that, purified death, he (she) may rejoice in the beautitude of Thy divine presence. Amen.