At A Husband’s Grave

O God, behold and see the sorrow of my heart. Widowed and bereft I mourn the loss of the dear companion of my life.

Help me, O God, to bear this burden bravely. Teach me to bend my will to Thy Supreme will that doeth all things for the best, for all Thy ways are right and Thy judgments just. Thou didst send me untold blessings through the gifts of his loving care. For these my heart overflows with thankfulness. May I not mar the gratitude I here offer by murmuring and complaints.

Grant that I may live true to the hope and prayers which bound our hearts together. Fill me with zeal to carry our every noble thought he cherished and to fulfill every duty to my home and my dear ones which bequeathed to me. May the memory of his love and faithfulness ever aid and inspire me.

I cast my burden upon Thee, O Lord; Up-hold me in the hours of my weakness, for Thou art near to the broken and contrite heart. May my life prove that love is as strong as death. Grant me more and more of the comforting faith in life immortal. May Thy blessing of peace attend me throughout all my days. Amen.